Monday, October 22, 2012

Best Intentions

Well, I was off to a running start with the kids clothing week challenge. I got all of Ari's pants hemmed up nicely and started tracing off an Oliver + S pattern for Ev when I got really, super sick. Here are my original aspirations.

Man was I sick. When mommy is down and out for a week you can imagine things got a little chaotic around casa de los Carballos. Lucky for me, I have a great husband and he really helped pick up the slack. (Until daddy got sick too.)

Last Thursday I started to feel a bit better but had to try to clean up the disaster that was my house. On Friday there were plans for a jog-a-thon at the kiddos school and my nephews birthday dinner. When Saturday rolled around I was ready.

This is what I worked on: Oliver + S 2+2 Blouse and Pleated Skirt in 3T

I finished cutting out the pattern and transferring the markings (a must for this one). Although Ev is 4 1/2 her chest and waist measurements still fit the 2T. I decided to make the 3T and split the difference.  Of course I checked the length and decided the only change I would make is to take up the hem 1" instead of 2".

The pattern proved to be a little challenging and I fought with a few aspects but mostly that was my own doing. Just can't leave a yucky seam. Something about sewing an Oliver + S pattern always feels like a cross between origami and magic. Leisl's techniques are fun and look so professional when finished. The seams are mostly encased and everything is so neat and tidy- inside and out. My biggest note to my future self is "please take the time to pin". If the directions say pin, please!  Argh. I had a good old fashioned row with waistband  of the skirt and that was certainly from lack of using those damn pins! It would have taken me so much less time...sigh...but I digress.

Here are some pictures, more will come when I can get Ev to stand still.

I used a 30's reproduction fabric for the top and Kona cotton for the skirt, bias tape and patch on the blouse.

I can't wait for Ev to wear it to school. Paired with some tights, this is such a great fall time outfit.

The skirt is all red except for the button loop which matches the blouse. I love to do fun "hidden" things like that. The placket hides two snaps and fastens on the side.

The blouse has 5 smallish buttons down the back. Now I just have to convince my daughter it isn't necessary to undo them all every time she takes it off.

If you're wondering, I didn't buy anything to complete the outfit, so I met my own challenge.  I did have to substitute some smaller elastic in the waistband but it didn't effect the overall look.

I'm continuing to plug on through the patterns. Up next - Number 3 on my list Butterick B4910 nightgown in 4, view D
 Butterick 4910

Until next time, happy pinning.

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  1. Love this! That fabric looks like coffee beans from far away, too cute.


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