Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Well, today is Halloween (if your kiddos let you forget). I told the kids months ago that they would have to choose or make a costume from things they already had. Did I stick to that, ummm...kind of?

Ari will be a zombie and so there is zero sewing involved but I did buy makeup. As for Ev, I'm such a pushover! I was in the middle of making the knit bubble dress from Patty Young's ModKid sewing book when she decided she wanted to be a mermaid. I was pondering a mermaid costume when Ev spied some leopard print fleece gifted to me by my dear mother some time ago. Her eyes lit up and she asked if I would make her something from that fabric. Double lightbulb! I suggested a kitty and she agreed. Sitting down to the serger I whipped this puppy out in one afternoon.

First, I didn't buy anything. Its starting to feel good not to have to run to the fabric store for every project. I have to admit I miss running all that beautiful fabric between my fingers! My husband thinks I'm crazy but I know my fellow crafters understand. :)  She'll be wearing this with a long sleeved black t-shirt and leggings.

I used all the fabric, about 1/2 a yard. First I measured out a tail. Using the fleece to sew a tail is nice because once you have tube its easier to turn because of the stretch of the fabric. Ev helped me stuff the tail firmly and her little fingers (and a pencil) were a big help. Next, I worked a piece of wrapped floral wire down the middle of the tail. This was a little fiddly but i just worked it in a little at a time.

I was going to attach the tail to a belt made from the same fleece but realized I had enough to make a little skirt with a pull-on yoga style waitstband. I left about 1 1/2 inches unstuffed on the tail so I could pin the tail into the waistband seam before I stitched it and include it in the serged seam. Be careful to bend your wire end over inside the stuffing so it doesn't poke out or get caught in the serger. The inside seams of the skirt are serged and the hem is unfinished.

I also made some leg warmers by measuring quickly around her legs, cutting to rectangles and serging up the long side. The bottom and top are unfinished.

Finally I made the ears. I had a plain plastic headband which I covered with a tube of leopard print fabric. The tube fit snugly. Then after sliding the tube onto the headband seam side up I cut 2 slits where I wanted the ears to be. Freeform, I cut out one semi circle and then used it to cut 3 more. Right sides together I stitched around the rounded part of the semicircle on each pair and turned them right side out. I added a smaller semicircle of felt to the inner ear and stitched very close the edge. This created a little tunnel around the edge of the ear where I could feed in a piece of the floral wire again bending the ends back on themselves. Then, I removed the tube from the headband and used the sewing machine to sew a very narrow seam, inserted each ear in the slot I created for it (making the slit bigger if necessary) and secured each ear. You could also attach these with hand sewing.  I slid the tube back on the headband one final time and hand stitched the open end closed. Adjusting the wires in the ears to be a little pointed at the top was my final step. Mee-ooow!

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  1. Great use for that fabric! I originally bought it to make fleece socks but, of course, it became a UFO. Way to go, Chickadee!


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