Thursday, November 8, 2012

Favorite Hoilday Season Family Traditions

Sharon from Mom of 6 has planned some great Holiday link-ups! These will be especially useful this year because I plan to home-make my gifts.  Not only are we on a strict budget (that I plan on sticking to) but I really want to spend some time on a meaningful gift for my family members without feeling a little sick when I get the credit card bills. 

But For Today....Favorite Family Traditions

In November, its all about Turkey Day.  My husband and son go to play soccer in the morning. This is the only day of the year he and his friends will be guaranteed all have off together and it's a perfect time to catch up and score a few goals. Evangeline and I watch the parade on TV and wait for her favorite floats and balloons.  This year we are heading to my uncle's house just across town.  This will be a great time with food, drinks and family.

Come December, Advent Calendars! I have a whole Pintrest Board devoted to it! Check it out!

The kids and I really love advent calendars.  There is just something special about opening a suprise everyday.  The Nutcracker advent calendar I bought last year from Amazon is so awesome. It has a new mini-board book for each day that you can hang on the Christmas tree as an ornament.  All of the books together tell the Nutcracker story.

I used to buy the chocolate ones because they are easy and cheap (and have chocolate) but this year I want to make advent calendars for each kid in which I can put little notes, gifts or candies. I haven't decided what I want them to look like yet, but I'm leaning towards the matchbox Christmas tree or other Christmas-sy shape.

Onward into December, we will be driving through different neighborhoods looking at festive Christmas lights and displays while blasting Xmas songs and singing at the top of our lungs.

Drinking "snowman soup" is another fun thing we started doing last year.  This came from our favorite Ms. Sheila at preschool. The ingredients are: a couple chocolates kisses, a mini candy cane, some mini-marshmallows and a packet of cocoa. Have the kids add all of this to a mug and add some hot water.  They love mixing it all together with the candy-cane!

We will watch endless Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music.  Our favorite movie is Elf but Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas is a close second (to me anyways).  My favorite Christmas music is the crooner stuff.  I have a soft spot for Dean Martin and Andy Williams. 

We'll spend Christmas eve with my husband's family eating tamales and maybe pozole. Christmas morning we spend in our own home and then get gussied up and head to my mom and dad's for gift exchanging and food.  My dad always comes up with something new and interesting to cook; last year it was duck (new to many of my family).  

We don't really have a New Years tradition because my husband is a chef and usually works but I may let the kids stay up this year and make a little party out of  it! Leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

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