Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Share Your Life

This week I'm linking up with Sharon from Momof6 and Nicole from Momentsthatdefinelife to give you a quick glimpse of my life.


 Oh, Boy. I'm really feeling for Sharon over at Momof6.com who is still without power!  I think she may just win the "my crazy life" prize. I'm glad she and the family are staying warm by the fire and the kiddos are able to go back to school.

My life today is nothing quite as dramatic. I'm tacking a "day off" from being crafty in my work area to vote and clean my disaster of a crafting area.

I am official procrastinator when it comes to voting. Every time I get a ballot in the mail I think "this time I'm going to be on top of voting!" It never happens. So I sat down with my cup of coffee this morning (in my favorite cup) and filled in all my little bubbles. Seeing Rick Steves encouraging people to vote from my voter booklet made me smile. I don't know what it is about that guy, but he makes me happy. After Evangeline hops on the school bus. I'll be off to the ballot drop-off box.

The cup in the picture is a Mary Engelbreit design that I got from a friend in High School.  It says "princess of quite a lot" which pretty much describes me :).  I've had that coffee mug 15+ years and I still think of my friend Amy every time I drink from it.  I lost contact with her a long time ago but I like to imagine she is doing well.  She was such a genuinely nice person.

Next is my badge of shame.  My sewing area looks like a bomb of thread, rulers, fabric, pattern paper, etc. exploded into a giant mess.  Every time my husband walks into the living room he eyes my corner mournfully   So, now it's time to tackle that mess!

In case you were wondering, under the tarp on the balcony is a fabulous project I'm working on. :)

Here I go...

Update 11/12/12: That same day, I spent some time cleaning, actually 3 or 4 hours. I put on some good tunes and even organized drawers, cleaned the windows and my iron. Then I remembered that I hate it when my crafty area is spotless...I can't find anything! Just kidding...kind of.

Next, I'd love to make a skirt for my desk to cover the storage, re-cover my "ideas" board and add a fun pennant! Probably after the holiday sewing is over.


  1. How did the organization go? I always feel so much better when I get a space back in order. I'm like you - I let them get a bit overwhelming before I tackle but it does feel good to get them back together.

    1. Hi Nicole! The clean-up took a couple of hours but I really felt great when I got it done! I'm updating this post with a few pictures. :)


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