Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In between the sickness and sleeplessness

If it feels like I've been a bit absent, it's because Ev and I were sick this weekend.  Then as soon as I started feeling better, she decided that she is an early riser.  Let me tell you, this girl needs her morning sleep!  She stopped napping before she was 2 years old (eww, I know), luckily she has always climbed into bed with me after her brother and dad get up and go to work/school.  Not any more, friends.  She has decided she is a morning person even if she is a cranky, crying mess ALL DAY LONG. As a result, I'm trying to go to bed earlier, not a success so far.

While wading through all of that life stuff, I  accomplished a few small projects which I wanted to share with you all. 

Firstly, I embroidered some cloth napkins for Ev because she hates to be messy when she's eating.  She thinks they are so lovely that she keeps smoothing them and saying she doesn't want to use them because they'll get messy. Ha!  The pattern is an Iron-on Transfer from Yesterday's Charm called "Happy Fruit" and the green fabric was from my stash.

Embroidered Napkins

I also decided that my pin cushion was ugly.  It started out as one of those tomatoes you find everywhere.  I removed the top bit of fabric and cut off the strings and sharpening strawberry.  By machine, I sewed a tube of fabric and by hand I sewed round and round on top an bottom to close the ends.  Then I covered the top and bottom with a small circle of fabric and hand stitched it in place, leaving the edges raw.  The fabric was a Japanese Import Kokka home-dec cotton with a linen feel that I've used in a few projects. 

Today I hopped back on the sewing machine, so I will have something new to show you soon!

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