About Me

Hi there! I'm Jess a crafty sewist and secular homeschooling mom of 2.

Ari is our spirited, bright boy who is passionate about reading. He is engaging to talk with and has lots of big ideas. Ev is our funny, energetic daughter who always wants to know how things work. She has a technical mind like her mommy. Sometimes being curious gets her in trouble but most often she makes up for it with her impeccable comic timing. My husband Aaron anchors us all down to earth and keeps things from getting too crazy around here.

Also check out my Liebster Blog Post for more information about me. Please leave a comment to say hi if you get a chance!


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  1. Hi Chickadee Jess
    You were randomly selected for six, one yard cuts of FreeSpirit Piourette by Verna Mosquera. Please email me our phyiscal mailing address;nancy.jewell@westminsterfibers.com.thanks


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